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Update for Jun. 15, 2024 12:16 PM

Saturday Updates

Saturday Updates

  • UPDATE 12:15pm - The Polaris Supreme is up to 57 bluefin tuna. 40 pound setups are the go-to today.
  • The Polaris Supreme checked in from day 2 of their 4 Day trip with 40 bluefin tuna.
  • The Tribute reported in from their 1.5 Day trip with 42 bluefin. They have fish up to 70 pounds.

Friday Recap

  • The Tribute finished with 49 bluefin tuna for their One Day trip. Most of the fish are in the 50 to 70 pound range.

  • The Highliner returned from their Reverse One Day trip with 44 bluefin tuna (limits) for their 22 anglers.

  • The Polaris Supreme finished their Three Day trip with 100 bluefin tuna for their 18 anglers. 50 of their fish were over 100 pounds.

  • The New Seaforth Thursday evening Twilight trip finished with 80 calico bass (100 released), 1 yellowtail and 3 rockfish.

  • The San Diego ended their Full Day today with 1 Bluefin, 1 Yellowtail and 27 Bonito for 33 anglers. The Bluefin weighed in at 207 pounds. Captain Matt reported that they did see more of those bigger fish today but they weren't willing to bite. We are still recommending having a 40# flyline rod and a heavy 100# setup!