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Update for Mar. 29, 2023 5:23 PM

Bluefin Up To 110lbs!

  • Update 4:50 PM: The Polaris Supreme just called in from their 2 Day trip with a final count of 46 Bluefin weighing from 40 to 130 pounds! Captain Aliyar reported that 250 gram knife jigs and a 40# flyline were the best methods.

  • The Polaris Supreme just checked in with some daytime Bluefin action. They are coming out of a stop for 9 Bluefin up to 40lbs. They responded well to the bait and all of these fish were caught on flyline sardines. They have 40 Bluefin for their trip so far.

  • The Pacifica is scheduled for a 1.5 Day departing this Friday! Make your reservations now and get in on the action.